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Human resources

We maintain a consistent direction toward performance, evaluation, capacity, career, and education compensation, and we pursue solid compensation for performance, fair evaluation, and ultimately ceaseless self-development.

Evaluation system

  • Basic ability evaluation

    Evaluation of basic attitude and ability as manager

  • Task ability evaluation

    Evaluation of skills (vary by position) and professional knowledge required for particular task

  • Personal evaluation

    Evaluation of task performance
    on an individual level

Education and
training system

  • Education by level

    Educating required abilities
    for each level

  • External consignment education

    Educating for increase
    of professional skills

  • Overseas education

    Training overseas for acquisition of advanced skills and knowledge


  • Merit-based bonus

    Payment of performance-based bonus based on fair evaluation

Welfare system

  • Family events and holidays

    Issues holidays and bonuses for significant family events

  • Housing support

    Operates a dormitory

  • Legal benefits

    Supports Employment insurance, national pension, health insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance