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Liquid Control Units

- Device for purifying and recovering various surface treatment chemicals or electrophoretic painting and pickling liquids.

  • Pure, extra-pure manufacture device

    Pure water production device using ion exchange resin (I.R) and reverse osmosis membrane (R.O)

  • Electrodeposition paint
    recovery device (R.O)

    Device for managing impurities, pH and solids in
    the electrodeposition tank

  • Electrolytic coloring liquid
    purification device (I.R)

    A device among the aluminum surface treatment equipment that keeps the liquid composition in the tank constant by adsorbing Na+ and adjusting the pH of the liquid in the electrolytic coloring tank using ion exchange resin.

  • Acid recovery device (I.R)

    Device for extending the life of pickling liquid
    and improving product quality by adjusting
    the concentrationof metal ions in pickling liquid
    and purifying using anion exchange resin.

  • Acid Regeneration Equipment(ARP)

    Waste hydrochloric acid regeneration equipment that uses heating method Iron oxide is produced by waste hydrochloric acid regeneration and by-products.

  • Alkali recovery device
    (crystallization method)

    Device for transferring and reusing the recovered caustic
    liquid to the caustic tank after converting the increased
    dissolved aluminum in the caustic tank into
    aluminum hydroxide in the crystallization tank
    and then separated and removed using a centrifuge.